Said the Fox

A Bag for Those Little Things Is Always Useful – On the Move with Said the Fox

The clever fox can usually be found in the woods – I meet the designer Alexandra Pecher, who is behind the label “Said the Fox,” in the woods at the Wilhelminenberg.

I would like to find out more about her brand with its unusual name as she has only been a member of WIEN PRODUCTS for a short time.

“My work life is divided into creation and organization,” Alexandra Pecher tells me, adding: “I love the forest in and around Vienna for its inspiration and enjoy going for walks to free my mind and develop new ideas.”

It is true, up here – still in Vienna and yet far away from the city – the mind seems to think more freely. And so, we get talking fast. Of course, I am interested in how she came to found her label and how it got its name …

After many years in advertising and agency life, Alexandra Pecher focused on looking after her children and watched them as they grew up. She has always had a passion for sewing since her childhood and needed to be creative for much of this time – children constantly need bags for all sorts of things. And that’s how it happened, not just any old bags, but “must haves.” Not only for her own children, but their friends and their parents were impressed by the pencil cases, bags and containers and this created lots of demand. The idea grew step-by-step from this point and ended with the founding of a company. The name is connected to the basic idea – it is really about intelligent products –and that is why the fox is her emblem.

Great story – I would like to know how a self-employed designer organizes the many different tasks she faces from inspiration to design to production and sales. Alexandra Pecher laughs: “Yes, it really can be a balancing act at times – you have to be organized and very disciplined.“

She has found creative and reliable partners to help her. She only uses materials such as cork, certified cotton and loden cloth that is finished using traditional methods from Styria because she really values the concepts of sustainability and “handmade in Austria”. The materials are printed by hand and hand sewn in Vienna at Said the Fox – accessories with style.

The practical, versatile products with their black and white designs have already found a following. Particularly when traveling, it is nice to have something totally individual with you and have something familiar to enjoy when you are far away from home – this is something she has experienced on all her trips, says Alexandra Pecher.

The sleep masks are really sought after. I can believe that immediately – the masks with the silhouette of the fox head are great – they certainly help remind customers of the brand name.

The products are sold in the company’s own online shop. Said the Fox products have also been available at WIEN PRODUCTS members such as at the hatmaker Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur and the designer likes to present her products at fairs such as Blickfang in Vienna. This is important to her because she can meet her customers – from teenagers to “best agers” in their forties and fifties and over – personally and get their opinions and feedback on the individual designs directly.

In the near future, the company will expand its sales focus – Said the Fox will present new designs at international fairs with WIEN PRODUCTS and develop a wider circle of customers for its travel accessories.

She has a lot to organize as a one woman show – so, I ask Alexandra Pecher who supports her in her work and tests new products, for example.

“My children, the family and friends are always my first testers and give me reliable feedback,” gushes the designer. Some of her products have been used on a daily basis for some years, and are put to the test in school and at work, but still look good.

This says something about the well-thought-out designs, careful material selection and reliable, top-quality production of Said the Fox accessories.

There is a full schedule at the company beginning in the Fall – the Christmas business period is at its peak and there is less time for walks around Vienna.

Once we say goodbye, I watch Alexandra Pecher walk away –  the white speckles on her black bum bag glisten in the scenery.

The quality of the products from Said the Fox are worth the virtual walk to the online shop, as well as a walk in the woods around Vienna – who knows, maybe you will meet the clever fox.