Wien Products

Carefully Created. Mindfully Made.


Wien Products was founded by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1995 to  provide a platform for the export activities of a highly select group of Viennese companies and cultural institutions. The 60 organisations that currently make up Wien Products stand for a range of products and services meeting the highest quality criteria and production standards, as well as capturing the unique flair and very special Viennese aesthetic.

Selected Viennese enterprises and cultural institutions, whose products and services satisfy the highest quality criteria and manufacturing standards, are identified with the Wien Products mark of quality.

Delicatessen – A city to be enjoyed

Wien Products companies from the “Delicatessen” group offer the most tempting products that this city has to offer. From fine deserts to exquisite products from the vine, outstanding teas and aromatic coffees through to the most refined treats, whether these come from the counter, off the shelf or by the glass – they are all culinary highlights which capture the tradition and sophisticated style of Vienna for your enjoyment.

Culture – A living tradition

There is hardly any other city in the world where culture plays such an important role in everyday life as it does in Vienna. The institutions in the Wien Products “Culture” group include the most prestigious proponents of music, art, performance and artistic crafts in the city, and even the world. With their products, presentations and performances they seamlessly combine the tradition of their great cultural heritage with modern innovation for today’s world.

Jewelry – The city’s most precious aspects

Crafts have a tradition dating back centuries in Vienna. For generations, the jewelers in the Wien Products “Jewelry” group have skillfully combined this with a modern approach in a stylish and contemporary atmosphere. As skilled masters and true experts in their field they create sophisticated individual pieces for admirers. The city’s charm worn by its people.

Style – Steeped in tradition, modern, timeless

Viennese style can be described as representing a timeless elegance combined with premium quality. The handicraft businesses in the Wien Products “Style” group have been shaping the classic Viennese appearance for generations. They use premium materials and techniques steeped in tradition in order to create products which capture the city’s character and bring Vienna’s rich heritage in line with modern requirements.

Living – The things that characterize Viennese flair

People come to Vienna from all over the world to enjoy its architecture and amenities, and the products from the Wien Products “Living” group are also enjoyed all over the world. Internationally renowned manufacturers and producers with long-standing traditions and a feel for quality result in a quality that is palpable. The sophisticated designs are equally at home in both a historical and a modern setting.